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Our professional services are flexible depending on what aspects of funeral care you require. We support as much family involvement as you wish, although we offer full funeral care. All options can be customised to include natural care, embalming, a casket of your choice, viewing, washing and dressing, funeral service locations, a celebrant, catering, slideshow, service cards, flowers, candles, memorial books, recording the service and live streaming.


A full funeral service is open to anyone to attend who knew the person and can be held in any venue that can be hired. It’s good to have an idea of how many people may attend, hard to guess I know. It’s usual for family and friends to speak and to have a celebrant, clergy or open mic and offer refreshments to your guests. The service can be live streamed to those who are unable to attend. You may like to give guests a card with a photo and order of service, and have a slideshow of a broad range of photos. This service can precede cremation or burial.


A private or family farewell is saying goodbye without the whole world knowing. So no service notifications or newspaper notices and respectfully letting others know it’s just family time. This could be a simple visit before cremation or burial. Or a gathering of close family and friends saying a few words, maybe writing a message on the coffin or having morning or afternoon tea together. Or a celebratory glass of wine. Then following to cremation or not as you wish.

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Bring your distant family and friends together by live streaming your funeral in our Arohanui Room. We have Zoom, but you can choose any media you are familiar with. Your distant friends and family can deliver their speeches on our big screen and join in the festivities after. If you choose to use another venue, live streaming costs may be incurred. Live streaming is available at all cemetery venues.

Our cost to hire the Arohanui Room is $460 incl GST.


A direct cremation has become a popular choice for those that don’t want fuss or huge expenses. It is possible to have your own gathering at a later date or have a memorial service for relatives and friends. This option doesn’t include seeing the person again. Although there is paperwork to sign as family details are required. We use simple cardboard and ply coffins for direct cremation and ashes are quickly available if they are to be present for a memorial service.


A memorial service usually happens sometime after cremation and often has the ashes present. You can engage our help or organise a gathering yourselves. This usually includes people speaking and refreshments, although it can be any way you wish.

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It is possible to have any kind of service before or after burial. It only differs in the possibility of having a graveside service. We require the plot to be purchased before burial day. An eco-burial is available now in Auckland at Waikumete Cemetery. Apart from purchasing a plot, there are grave digging fees to pay, and we have native timber crosses that can be engraved to mark the grave before a headstone is ready.


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