What drew you into this work?

In my work it is important to me to have purpose and meaning. I previously worked in end of life care and the opportunity to work in this field is the logical progression. Ensuring people have what they need planning their own or a loved one’s funeral – whatever that may be – is very important. Funerals are vital rites of passage and I feel privileged to support people facing this life process.

What do you like about your role at The Natural Funeral Company?

I love being part of a Team that works towards a common goal – excellence in care ensuring people are well taken care of at this stage of life’s journey. Natural care and eco-sustainability as a focus is also important to me so the philosophy at TNFC is a “fit” for me.

What do you do when you’re not at The Natural Funeral Company?

When I am not at TNFC I am creating, making functional and non functional ceramic work aiming towards that next show or exhibition.

What’s your view on death?

For me, death is a transition, from one state to another with lots of questions and possibilities in between. It is a process to be respected, honoured and afforded dignity; always.

What’s important to you in a funeral?

The most important thing in a funeral is to carry out the wishes of the person that has died as fully as possible and supporting family to manage to achieve this as much as possible.