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**Disclaimer All photos are with live models


One of the essential things to consider when thinking about funeral services is body care. We like to allow the process to be as natural as possible, using essential oils for bathing, ice for preservation, homemade skin cream for moisturizing, and the minimal use of makeup.

We say it isn’t necessary to hasten the funeral service because of natural care. Therefore, you can take all the time you need to plan a funeral service, as long as viewing isn’t required after a certain time.

We are happy to do the body care for you, or we can assist you if you wish to do it yourselves. This can be done at our funeral home or in your own home. We set the scene with candles and music and take our time to tell our stories.

We have a kit ready to come to your home and create the same environment. You will need to choose some clothing and decide if the jewellery will remain or be kept by you.