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Funeral Cards Service

Service cards are a lovely gift to your guests. We like to print on card so family and friends can keep them. You will need photos, poems, order of service or any other content you require. We have a talented designer who can do bookmarks, postcards, A6 cards or a larger A5 card. Or you can have a family member or friend do it for you. 

Professional Services $3910
Transfer $414
Death Certificate $43
Doctors Certificates $345
Body Care $667
Hearse $253
variable depending on casket choic
Cremation Fee $710
Total (GST incl) $7,791

Optional Extras

Lounge/ Chapel Hire $400
Newspaper Notices $220
Flowers $400
Catering From $10 per person
Service Sheets $4-$8 each
Memorial Book $40-$80
Weekend Fee $300
Grave Cross $80-$115
Slideshow $120-$200
Ash Internment $400
Organist $200
Celebrant/ Clergy $500