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A private or family farewell is saying goodbye without the whole world knowing. There is no service notifications or newspaper notices, and respectfully letting others know it’s just family time. This private goodbye can be a simple visit before cremation or burial; or a gathering of close family and friends saying a few words, maybe writing a message on the casket; having morning or afternoon tea together; or a celebratory glass of wine. Then you have the option of following to cremation or not, just as you wish.

Professional Fees From $2,200
Transfer $414
Doctor's Certificate $120 - $400
Death Certificate $43
Body Care $713
Hearse $414
Cremation Casket with handles From $1,124.13
Cremation Fees $750 - $800
Total (GST incl) From $5,678.13

Optional Extras

Lounge/ Chapel Hire $460
Service Sheets $4-$8
Lounge $230