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Funeral Grant Assistance

We can assist with your Funeral Grant

Some New Zealanders may be eligible for a Funeral Grant from WINZ. We can help you with getting all the information and forms, assisting our families with their applications where necessary.

Who can get it?

  • The partner, spouse, child, parent or guardian of the deceased person
  • If you are arranging the funeral of someone with no partner, spouse or child
  • The deceased normally lived in New Zealand
  • The WINZ Funeral Grant is Means Tested, WINZ Will Require Proof of Funds in Bank Accounts at time of Passing, we can assist you with these requirements

What can it be used for?

A WINZ Funeral Grant may be used for services such as:

  • Preparing the body for cremation or burial
  •  The cost of a casket
  • Newspaper notice costs
  • Hearse fees
  • Compulsory fees for buying a burial plot
  • Cremation fees

How can I apply?

Please contact WINZ for more information or to apply for a Funeral Grant.

More information

  • New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents who normally live in New Zealand may be eligible for a WINZ Funeral Grant
  • The Funeral Grant is income and asset tested – this means not everyone is entilted to the Funeral Grant
  • The maximum rate of the Funeral Grant is currently $2,280.72
  • The spouse, partner, child, parent or person who has taken responsibility for organising the funeral of the deceased can apply.
  • The Funeral Grant assists in the cost of a Funeral
  • *All costs may be covered by the Funeral Grant depending on the Funeral Service

ACC – Funeral Grants

For Accidental Deaths that have occurred in New Zealand, families maybe eligible for the ACC Funeral Grant to assist with funeral costs. At the moment the maximum amount of the ACC Funeral Grant is $6569.53.

The criteria is that the death is caused by an accident, an example maybe a car accident (leading to death) or any accident that leads to death. Please contact us for assistance.