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Funerals are a sacred and special time of transition, both for the deceased and those loved ones left behind. This is a time of transition and our awareness and connection with one another are greatly heightened, so this is very special to me.

I enjoy my support role at The Natural Funeral Company – enjoying being part of a team that is warm, friendly, sensitive and heartfelt.

I am a funeral celebrant, spend lots of time with my family and grandkids, in my garden, or away in my caravan enjoying our beautiful country.

I do not fear death – it’s as natural and as sure as life itself. So I don’t fear the ‘what’s next’ – I have no idea, but I do believe that our soul continues in some form.

It’s important to me that a funeral reflects this deep connection between loved ones, it reflects the nature of the deceased, and importantly supports the bereaved through their journey of loss, grief and transition.

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